Florida Fly Fishing Schools
Satisfied Florida Fly Angler
Learn what makes a great saltwater fly.
Florida Fly Fishing Schools Uses Only The Best State-of-the-Art Equipment
Snook are popular targets on Fly Tackle

Excellent job giving both of us opportunities to cast for fish based on our ability. The casting day was the best one I have been too.

Steve -Pennslyvania

Florida Fly Fishing Schools

Learn the Art & Science of Saltwater Fly Fishing

Florida Fly Fishing Schools

Perhaps you have never fly fished before, or maybe you have fly fished so much you qualify as a “trout bum”.  Either way you are sure to enjoy the professional and relaxed atmosphere at Florida Fly Fishing Schools.

At Florida Fly Fishing Schools, we help anglers learn the techniques of fly fishing in saltwater.  From entertaining and informative classes to private guided lessons on the water, Florida Fly Fishing Schools has a program for everyone.

The schools are modeled after our wildly successful freshwater schools in Atlanta, (www.atlantaflyfishingschool.com), where we have taught thousands of people since 1999.

Our Focus is exclusively on Education and Enjoyment, not selling equipment.

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New Video!

Inside Look at Florida Fly Fishing School

Sam Root of Salty Shores joined one of our classes and produced and uploaded this short look at the Florida Fly Fishing School’s experience..

Florida Fly Fishing School in The News!

We were recently featured in Fly Fishing in Saltwaters Magazine

Fly Fishing In Saltwater Magazine

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Florida Fly Fishing Schools
Florida Fly Fishing Schools
Florida Fly Fishing Schools
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Florida Fly Fishing Schools
Florida Fly Fishing Schools

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